Last Yard’s AWS Cloud Operation

Last Yard's AWS Cloud Operation

Last Yard’s partnership with AWS brings the power of the cloud to our retail customers. By harnessing AWS services, we deliver scalable, secure, and high-performance solutions that enable retailers to thrive in a competitive landscape.
Last Yard has been proudly operating on the AWS cloud since 2015. At Last Yard, we pride ourselves on our retail expertise, being customer-centric and building long term partnerships with our customers. 
AWS and Last Yard share these values and together we deeply understand retail. Our customers benefit from this alignment and the strength of our partnership, and we work closely with AWS to continually innovate on behalf of our customers to build fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions. 

Efficient Workload Management 

Last Yard runs web and background workloads on AWS, utilising containerization and auto scaling capabilities. This enables us to efficiently process and execute real-time price and promotional data at scale, ensuring compliance and optimal performance for our retail customers.

Efficient File Storage and Processing

We rely on AWS for file storage and processing, allowing us to store and retrieve large amounts of data efficiently, ensuring seamless operations for our retail customers. We leverage application load balancers to distribute workloads across the cluster, optimising resource utilisation and enhancing performance. 

Additionally, we provide custom security groups to enterprise retailers that require additional security measures, ensuring their data remains protected.