Last Yard Intellectual Property: Powering Retail Innovation

Last Yard’s intellectual property portfolio consists of four key principles that underpin our innovative solutions for retailers:

  1. Universal Data Connectivity: Our patents enable seamless connection to any data source, regardless of format, age, or originating system. This comprehensive access breaks down information silos and unlocks the full potential of your data for dynamic content creation.


  1. Flexible Data Integration: Last Yard’s solutions embrace a highly adaptable data integration approach. We can effortlessly aggregate data from diverse sources, seamlessly connecting with existing software systems regardless of vendor or platform. This ensures smooth information flow and streamlines content management processes.


  1. Scalable, Brand-Compliant Content Production: Our technology is designed for scalability and brand consistency. The just-in-time production engine ensures that content is always generated on-demand, even with increasing data volumes and complex campaigns. This guarantees brand compliance and consistency across all content outputs.


  1. Multi-Channel Publishing Efficiency: Last Yard facilitates efficient and flexible publishing of content across various channels. From physical shelf displays and digital signage to online platforms, our solutions enable you to effortlessly deliver your message to customers wherever they are and maximise your reach.


These principles form the foundation of Last Yard’s innovative approach to retail technology. By harnessing the power of data and streamlining content creation and delivery, we empower businesses to create exceptional customer experiences and drive operational efficiency.

Last Yard Intellectual Property Portfolio

Apparatus for printing, displaying, and managing documents, digital content, advertising, social media, mobile catalogues and the like for retail premises, and system thereof


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