Electronic Shelf Labels

From paper to ESL with a single platform

Future-proof your business and maximise pricing strategy profits (across both paper and digital) with our unified system. 

Last Yard is a complete foundation for the future vs. out-of-the-box ESL software.

ESL Vendor out-of-the-box software

Last Yard in-store marketing execution platform

Provides API specifications so you can build the implementation in-house.


Integrates for you, making it faster and less resource-intensive to implement your ESLs.

Not confined to specific hardware partners, creating an open ecosystem allowing integration, design and publishing to any medium.

Provides a basic template designer or a design service to create your ESL templates.

Includes Template Designer, an easy to use yet powerful data-aware design tool without sacrificing your brand identity. 

  • upload your own fonts and themes
  • easily add images, barcodes, QR codes, product ratings, and much more

Design your own ESL template in minutes.

Create your own rules: determine when and how specific data displays on your templates.

  • build dynamic templates that adjust based on the underlying data 
  • add logic to your templates that show or hide design elements based on your custom, easy-to-implement rules  
  • Paper labels and tags
  • Paper talkers
  • Posters
  • Digital signage (screens, billboards, etc.)
  • Digital shelf edge labels
  • Other price-aware designs

Mix & match print and digital, such as printed talkers with digital price labels. 

Includes bespoke business rules for managing and automating overlapping promotions, strict legal requirements, and fluctuating prices.

Handles all heavy data processing so that when updates are sent to ESLs, they are published in seconds.

Only publishes necessary updates to ESLs (e.g., when only a product description is updated, ESLs are not updated)

Ongoing end-to-end partnership serves as your single point of contact,  all your pricing and promotions run smoothly. 

Benefit from World's Best Practice

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Future-Proof Your Retail Business
  • Reduce setup time and testing efforts by 60% via simplified data integrations
  • Open ecosystem allows seamless integration of future technologies
  • 20+ years of retail experience and best practices expertise
One Platform for All Your In-Store Marketing Needs
  • Manage all price-integrated touchpoints, both paper and digital, across stores and online
  • Transition to ESL at your own pace, one shelf at a time
  • Freedom and flexibility to leverage both paper and digital
Design ESLs with
Template Designer
  • Empower your marketing and design teams with a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool
  • Create captivating in-store promotions across all signage types, from paper to digital
  • Ensure brand identity while leveraging dynamic, rules-based templates
Achieve pricing precision with ESL
  • Minimise pricing errors with Last Yard’s powerful rules engine
  • Utilise Last Yard as your centralised source of accurate retail data and business rules
  • Streamline compliance by automating legal requirements into your business rules
  • Optimise ESL battery life and reduce paper wastage by updating prices only when necessary
Your ESL hardware is only the tip of the iceberg, but when you look below the surface you see the role Last Yard plays as your ESL software

Electronic shelf label (ESL) software is just as important as the hardware

More and more retailers are considering electronic shelf labels (ESLs) as part of their digital transformation strategy. From operational efficiency to sustainability, the benefits of digitising your price labels are difficult to dispute. However, there are important considerations before selecting…

Customer Success Stories

How one of Australia’s Largest Supermarket chains secured a future-proof path to digital transformation

Retail segment: Supermarket
Number of stores: 1000+
Company size: Enterprise
Location: Australia & New Zealand 

How Bing Lee saved $250K per year by automating in-store promotions

Retail segment: Specialty, Electrical
Number of stores: 34
Company size: Mid market
Location: Australia

How Autobarn Bundaberg improved customer service, automated shelf displays, and achieved a 1410% ROI using Last Yard as their ESL software

Retail segment: Specialty, Automotive Parts
Number of stores: 1
Company size: Mid market
Location: Australia

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