Template Designer

Template Designer

Beta Program

Gain early access to the latest innovation in Last Yard & transform your template design process. The tool will initially grant you access to the Beta version of Template Designer - with more exciting functionality to come.

Gain full creative control over in-store promotional material.

With clever & efficient template design.

Design made easy

A simplified approach to template design - Marketing teams can now easily create, experiment and approve in-store promotional material.

Maintain brand consistency

Align in-store promotions with other channels. Apply brand & campaign specific assets to templates.

Retail specific design tool

Developed based on the needs of marketing teams in retail. Design templates with confidence.

Increase promotions, increase revenue

Supporting the ease of in-store promotional roll outs. Increase foot traffic, basket size & sales.

Support customers decision making

Information for customers at the point of purchase. Apply country of origin, customer loyalty program information & more.

Improve experience

Optimise the customer's experience & engagement in-store.

Make design adjustments in minutes

Simply adjust or make changes to existing template designs.

Design Features

Page Setup
Confidence in template design with the ability to set retail paper stock & margins – print knowing everything is aligned correctly.
Retail specific pricing options
Edit individual elements within a price to apply intricate retail specific requirements.
Object arrangement automation
Smart Objects allow elements to dynamically move based on your data & logic – eliminating the need for technical knowledge & coding. Set rules that allow elements to auto-realign and auto-format.

What's to come

There’s so many more features to come – gain access to further capabilities throughout the Beta Program.
Improved Quality assurance
Approval process across departments
Asset Management improvements
Further dynamic layout variations
Additional options for Fields

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Gain early access to the Template Designer Beta Program.