Levelling up your Liquor Labels

Jack McKenzie

Jack McKenzie

Last Yard

Since making this blog post, SignIQ has changed its name to Last Yard.

Liquor is all about multi-buys and multiple products. Discounts when you buy 6, Any 2 for $XX, Buy X get Y free – you name it.

When designing liquor tickets, it’s important to know the customer may have an idea of what they want already – or they may be looking to try something new.

This presents a great opportunity to draw a customer in to purchasing a higher quality product, or several products, when they can see meaningful savings. Win-win!



When designing tickets for liquor, you may choose to opt for darker, richer colours. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use bright colours – of course you can! But using richer colours like burgundy, warm yellow and subdued greens can help to give your store a classy look.


As with any in-store ticketing, the content needs to be clear and easily readable. Focus on choosing an easy to understand offer with a bold, clear statement such as “Best Under $20”, “Bonus 2L Bottle of Coke”, “Win an Esky”, etc.

Offer types

Members Pricing

A great way to create return customers is to introduce loyalty programs and membership cards. Having special prices and exclusive offers will help grow customer loyalty, but only if they are aware of them.

Tasting Notes & Match of the Week

Tasting Notes are a fantastic way to help customers choose a great product that suits their own tastes. Often, shoppers are keen to match their wine with their meal, so you can advertise that a wine pairs well with chicken, veg, meat, etc.

Liquor Origin

Who doesn’t love a French champagne? An Irish whisky? Promoting an item’s origin will drive sales through customers’ familiarity with the region, memories of travel or even wanderlust! Since so many regions are known for different types of liquor, capturing this in a ticket is a no-brainer.

Drink of the Week & Manager’s Special / Pick

Using manager’s specials helps to add that personal touch which resonates with shoppers. Knowing that a product was hand-picked and discounted that week adds to shopper trust when purchasing.

Best Under $X

Often, shoppers will enter a store with a budget in mind. Advertising that a product is ‘Best under’ makes this decision much easier – and you might find they are happy to go up to the next tier from, say, $15 to $20.

In Summary

As a Liquor store, there are many ways to create stronger engagement and drive sales using smart, creative ticketing. Think outside the box and get creative!

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