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Last Yard helps retailers solve two basic problems; how to improve operational efficiency and how to increase sales. Our ticketing and digital advertising solutions have been specifically designed to assist retailers accomplish these goals. From single stores to enterprise level retailers, discover how Last Yard can benefit you.
Promotional Shelf Talkers & shelf labels generated by ticketing software

Printed Tickets

Retail digital signage & promotional screen

Digital Screens

Printed Tickets

Driving shopper engagement at the shelf edge is key to increasing sales. Using automated merchandising rules and intelligent templates Last Yard produces professional looking, eye catching tickets that allow retailers to speak directly to customers at the exact moment a purchasing decision is made. Combine price and promotional offers with product features for the best chance of increasing unplanned purchases and converting baskets.

From a single store to an enterprise level retailer, you can optimise your operational processes with Last Yard. Teams will no longer have to spend valuable time creating tickets by hand and designing in store promotional material. With our cloud based solution, tickets can be created in seconds. Print your tickets in planogram order, ready to hang and optimise your in store ticketing process.

Managing store networks has never been easier. Effortlessly assign products and promotions to stores based on business rules and report on what stores are printing in real time. Data integration means correct pricing on every ticket, every time. Eliminate price discrepancies and ensure compliance and consistent branding across entire store networks.

Digital Screens

Meat offer digital screen for in-store marketing

Go digital to transform the look of your store, attract customers and increase basket size. Digital screens in the entrance are a great way to encourage passers by to enter your store. Once inside, end of aisle displays expose shoppers to multiple products and promotions in a short space of time, capturing their attention with colour and movement, making screens far more engaging than printed signs and posters. Engaging customers and increasing basket size has never been easier.

Wine digital signage for in-store advertising

Digital screens offer a distinct operational advantage over printed signage. Automated marketing rules and intelligent templates, combined with direct data integration, makes it easy to manage and schedule your own digital screens. Save time and money in continually hanging and removing posters. Instead, change entire displays in minutes. Advertise what you want, when you want and stay one step ahead of your competitors at all times.

Meat in store advertising for Deli

Digital advertising is great for both single stores and larger retail networks, offering a unique combination of flexibility and control. Individual stores can choose which offers to advertise and when, allowing them the advantage of split second decision making. For retail networks, Head Offices can choose to exercise full control over digital content across every store, ensuring compliance and consistent branding. Digital advertising offers retailers of every size the ability to adapt their marketing to their specific needs, every time.

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