Create eye-catching grocery store price tags, labels & shelf tags in 3 easy steps

Last Yard provides all the necessary ticketing templates that grocery stores need. You can create promotional tickets, a staple of supermarkets, in the form of a regular save price, percentage off and multibuys. You can also advertise manager’s specials and everyday low prices. Our automated merchandising rules ensure that all promotional offers are presented to the shopper in the most appealing way, highlighting the ‘now’ price and the savings.

Additionally, the footer of templates can be used as a free text field to display any message you want. Supermarkets might use this field to communicate nutritional and dietary information, ethical information (organic, free range, cage free etc) or for cross merchandising.

High quality shelf labels & price tags for convenience & grocery stores

Whether you’re running a corner bodega, local grocery store or an organic health food store, enhancing your ticketing process and transforming the look and feel of your store has never been easier with Last Yard.

Our plug and play starter plan makes it easy for small and mid-level grocers to deliver eye-catching signage on a budget. Featuring a user-friendly interface with a catalogue of templates to choose from, you can easily upload your data and start creating price tags and grocery labels in-store. Allowing you to enhance customer experience, highlight promotions and increase your grocery store’s sales.

Professional tickets, shelf labels & price tags for supermarket chains

Supermarkets and larger retailers can now cut down on cost and labor with Last Yard. Our cloud-based ticketing software is a powerful tool that can be scaled up to meet the demands of big supermarket chains. The pro plan caters to larger businesses, allowing you to ensure consistency across branding and information output, track compliance, create and manage your stores and users centrally, create and share tickets with your stores and more.

Custom grocery store labels & shelf tags

Can’t find a template that meets your needs? Remember, you can also have custom tickets created for an additional one-off price, that will be exclusive to your store or group. Take a look at the gallery below to see some examples of our shelf signs, tickets and price tags.

Start creating grocery store price tags and labels in just 3 east steps with Last Yard's ticketing software.

Sample tickets

BOS & POS integration available for the following systems:

  • Worldsmart

  • GAP

  • Convenience

  • Independent Solutions

  • Surefire