Case Study – Bing Lee

Case Study | Bing Lee


Bing Lee is an Australian electronics retailer, focused on providing customers with affordable products. Bing Lee’s previous ticketing process was based on centrally printing promotional material and sending it to stores. As the store network has grown and technology has progressed, this manual process proved to be inefficient, unscalable, and outdated.   

By engaging with Last Yard, Bing Lee has seen a significant improvement in ticketing operations. The Last Yard platform streamlines procedures by integrating with Bing Lee’s data sources and automating promotional material creation, saving the retailer time and money.


It’s almost like the developers have worked in retail - Last Yard is so attuned to what we are doing and what we need. The platform makes an arduous and laborious job fast and easy, with less time spent on getting it right and more time for other things, above all our customers” - Tristan Gallagher, Process Improvement Analyst

10,000 hours saved per year on in-store promotional related work

Approximately $250,000 saved annually


The previous process did not differentiate inventory from store to store, requiring staff to manually sort through tickets to determine what was relevant to them. Additionally, the replacement of missing or incorrect tickets required staff to manually write down product information and enter the details into the system to print.


Last Yard integrates with Bing Lee’s POS and PIM systems, the platform automation means that stores now only receive material that’s applicable to their stock, pricing and promotions. The Mobile Scanner software is used on the shop floor to instantly scan and print any missing or incorrect tickets.


Stores now have a system in place which allows them to efficiently respond to price changes to stay competitive and allows for additional time to focus on the customer and selling. Head Office typically received constant complaints over the old process, they now receive nothing but praise.

The Last Yard platform makes a big difference compared to the old solution. We were so impressed seeing that we had capabilities that the old system didn’t - you don’t know any differently and someone shows something much better, it’s refreshing” - Tristan Gallagher, Process Improvement Analyst
Integration & automation
Last Yard integrates with Bing Lee’s Point of Sales (POS) and Product Information Management (PIM) systems. The integration means that Head Office and stores are working with real time data applicable to their promotions. The integration ensures that stores only receive material relevant to their stock, pricing and promotions. Stores now receive relevant and categorised ticket batches to simply print and distribute. The platform significantly reduces waste and manual labour time.
Previously, Bing Lee could not differentiate the inventory across their network meaning that every store received information on all products and all price changes. Stores were then required to print everything received and sort through the tickets to pick out what was relevant to them. The process was not only an incredibly time consuming exercise, it also resulted in a tremendous amount of waste. For the larger sales promotions, more staff would be required and start time would be earlier to address the significant labour required for in-store promotions related tasks.
Immediate response to price changes
Constant price changes are essential for Bing Lee to stay competitive. It’s important for stores to respond quickly to the changes to ensure that pricing is consistent across what’s displayed on the ecommerce site.
There was a real need for a system which could handle this process efficiently. The Last Yard platform provides HQ with control over the assignment of pricing changes to stores and reporting on which have been actioned and printed. From a store perspective the software provides stores with a notification of which ticket batches require printing and is simply a matter of stores printing and distributing on the shop floor. Stores can be confident that all changes and tickets provided are specifically relevant to them.
Innovation for in-store ticket replacement
The Mobile Scanner Software is a powerful tool for Bing Lee stores – now used on any device across their store network to instantly address any missing or incorrect tickets. The software provides an efficient and innovative solution to addressing issues with ticketing on the shop floor. A task which in the past would take staff approximately 30 minutes to complete now takes them a couple of minutes. The previous time consuming and error-prone process, would require staff to write down product details, manually enter them into the system before printing. Staff now scan product barcodes on the shop floor and either print to their hip printers or scan into the Last Yard platform.