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Last Yard attains AWS Retail ISV Partner Competency

Last Yard attains AWS Retail ISV Partner Competency

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully achieved the Retail Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner Competency with Amazon Web Services (AWS). … Read More

Your ESL hardware is only the tip of the iceberg, but when you look below the surface you see the role Last Yard plays as your ESL software

Electronic shelf label (ESL) software is just as important as the hardware  

There are important considerations before selecting your ESL hardware provider. … Read More

excited to announce that Last Yard is now part of the Software Combined family

Last Yard acquired by Software Combined

We’re excited to announce that Last Yard is now part of the Software Combined family. … Read More

How To Stay In The ACCC’s Good Books For Every Catalogue Promotion

The use of shelf-edge pricing and promotional tickets is one of the most fundamental aspects of running bricks and mortar retail. Creating and displaying shelf edge tickets may seem like an easy process, but there are some pitfalls retailers can … Read More

Empower your Business Development Managers with the data they need

Business Development Managers (BDMs) (also known as Regional Managers/State Managers) have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Overseeing sales and operations, tracking sales targets, hiring, training and supervising store managers as well as organising and adjusting inventory across all … Read More

The Benefits of a Managed Print Service for in-store Retail Ticketing

A frequent obstacle when it comes to carrying out the retail ticketing process in-store is the perceived cost of printing. To avoid these costs, head offices and individual stores will opt for centralised printing, often on pre-printed card stock. This … Read More

The Last Yard of Retail in 2020

Since making this blog post, SignIQ has changed its name to Last Yard.   The last yard has long presented the biggest struggle for retailers. The last step in the supply chain, the last yard represents the movement of products … Read More